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Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. Online shopping for iran history books in the books store. This week in the magazine, laura secor, who is a contributor and is working on a book about iran, wrote a comment about mirhossein moussavi and ayatollah ali khamenei. Herodotus, the father of history, writes in his book. Michael axworthy, a former british foreign service officer and a lecturer in arabic and islamic studies at the university of exeter, covers an enormous span of time, from the earliest. This one covered the known history, not dwelling too much on any given era, balancing politics, war, and empire building with culture.

I like history books, and realized i had never read one specific to persiairan. In another part of his book, herodotus writes that the medians were known as aryans during a certain period. The books the trump administration should read to understand iran. Your first book is khomeinism by ervand abrahamian. Top 10 books about iran nazanine hozar books the guardian. Gilan is an iranian province at the southwestern coast of the caspian sea. I feel like i have a much better understanding of currentday iran, including its different factions, because i. Empire of the mind reprint by michael axworthy isbn.

With iran again the focus of the worlds attention, a history of iran is an essential guide to understanding this volatile nation. The history of iran presented in her book is not exactly objective but no matter, these books are funny and moving. He always writes very interesting things about the social and political history of the country and this book is actually a collection of essays that he has written on the islamic revolution and its aftermath. Kamin mohammadis top 10 iranian books books the guardian. Throughout history, iran has railed against external pressure while occasionally giving in, as in 1988 when ayatollah ruhollah khomeini. From memoirs to history books, writing about iran, thinking in iranian, even if writing from a desk in canada or the us, alters the writers state.

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